You may have noticed (on the right-hand sidebar) that there is a listing of upcoming house concerts as part of the MADIC HOUSE CONCERT SERIES. These are artists we have vetted. We are helping them to facilitate beautiful musical experiences in unconventional concert spaces with intimate audiences in towns large and small. House concerts can be an incredible way to support emerging artists/bands while fostering meaningful and memorable experiences for your local community.

Madic partners with to facilitate online reservations at these events in the form of donations. We highly recommend that you try attending a one of these events! Click the INFO links on the sidebar to learn about these artists and reserve a spot.

We’ve set up tours for artists such as: Astral Swans, Woodpigeon, Gordon Grdina, The Crackling, Kirsten Ludwig, Jenn Bojm, Anna Scouten, Rob Butterfield

We are ALWAYS excited to gain more hosts on our circuit of home cooked stages. We’re not stuck on the traditional ideas of how bands can have a career. We want to create meaningful interactions between people and art. We have over 150 hosts across Canada, Europe and the USA in our database and it’s growing all the time. Perhaps you’re interested in hosting a house concert? If so, give us some information below and get in touch!


  • For us, the ideal house concert is 50 people in attendance at a $20 admission. Given that we would provide you with promotional material, we would be leaning on you to promote the event in your community (using Facebook, Twitter, email or good ol' fashion word of mouth to get the word out).
  • Thank you sincerely for your interest in hosting a house concert! It is people like you that help artists make a living from their work. You are making life more interesting and fruitful for your community. Submit below and you should be hearing from us shortly.

    Team Madic